Thursday, September 10, 2009



I know it’s been awhile—blah, blah, blah.  I promised my mother I’d blog this little story tonight because I found it so adorable that it just needed to be shared. 

Tonight after dinner, Anna said, “Mommy, I’m Cinderella now.”  That is usually the beginning of one of her role-play activities, in which the entire family must always be involved—it’s the reason I signed her up for a mini-acting/storytelling class in the winter.  Anyway. 

“Mommy, I’m Cinderella now,” she says. 

“Oh, really?  And who does that make me?” I ask. 

“Prince Charming.”

“Oh, good.  So does that mean we are going to a ball tonight to dance all evening and fall in love?”

“No, that’s tomorrow night,” she says.

I look at her.  “Uh, then what are we doing tonight?”

“Tomorrow night we will dance, and then we will get married.”

“Okay,” I say, now very curious.  “But what are we doing tonight?”

And, with a roll of the eyes, she says, “Well, tonight we are getting to know each other first.”

One man’s indoctrination is another man’s… wise teaching.  And when she is a young woman, dating to find an eternal partner, I will be proud if she calls me one night and says, “Mom, he tried to kiss me on our second date!  We haven’t even gotten to know each other yet!”

Oh, and here’s the little wicked witch.  Wicked is often the right word, such as this afternoon, for example, when I went to change her very messy diaper and discovered that she had pulled out, one-by-one, every diaper wipe in the container and placed it in the Bumbo seat, where she could, obviously, get to them more easily to change her doll-baby’s diapers.  Duh, Mom.