Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One more picture

There is one more summer picture that I wanted to post.  Since I had a lot of time off, I went biking with the girls a bunch.  I guess Mariah enjoys biking differently than me.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

The end of the Summer

Around July 4th it was finally warm enough to turn the heater off.  Now it is cold enough to heat again, so the summer must be over.  We’ve had quite the summer, so, now I can share it with you.

Samuel is now 5 1/2 months old.  He is growing very fast.  He is bigger than Anna or Mariah were at the same age, so he is going to be a big boy when he gets older.  The most noticeable thing about Samuel is that he likes to put everything in his mouth.  Paper is his favorite thing, but hair is a close second



The upside to him liking everything in his mouth is he is willing to eat, even if all he can eat is Single Grain Rice Cereal.


One of the big things we did this year was to go on a “real” vacation to Utah.  As part of our real vacation we took the girls to Lagoon.  Well, I took them along with Jakob, Saralynn, Tiffany and Mike.  Sarah hung out with Samuel.  Next year he will be over one year old, so hopefully we can just leave him with one of his loving grandparents and Sarah can join us.


Anna loved running through the fountain


Because it is so much warmer in Utah, and my dad has a swing set, the girls spend a lot more time outside.


And of course, what is a trip to Utah without seeing people. 

Anna is with Aunt Tiffany and her cousin Emily


Here is the whole gang with Grandma Sherri


And the whole gang with Grandpa Alan


And Anna’s new friend Cocoa


This isn’t everything we did this summer.  But it was a fun part of it.  The other big thing that happened this summer was my work was changed a bit.  Last December I was moved to a new team.  Well, the new team was dissolved in June, so I was put on a different team.  I still work on phones though, so life is good.  As soon as the team was dissolved, I decided to take the paternity leave that I hadn’t taken since Samuel was born.  So I took 5 weeks off.  Part of that was spent in Utah, while the rest was spent trying to dig a big tree stump out of the front yard.  It was quite the project, but I did eventually (last Saturday) finish digging it out.


Here are a few more pictures