Sunday, March 23, 2008


This Week's Top Story: Who's Who?

We have a picture of Mariah from this week, and a picture of Anna at this age. Take a guess! The winner of this week's quiz will receive a personal email containing the text, "Props to You!"

We've had lots of fun this weekend. Yesterday we spent the morning at the Seattle Aquarium. Anna was a little leary of the tide pool hands-on exhibit, but she loved the under-tank rooms where the fish were swimming all around. She liked the sea otters, who were playing and rolling around like crazy. She also loved a couple of crazy puffins who were swimming and paddling around like they were putting a show on just for her. They even kept coming up to the window then swimming back, as if they were greeting us.

We had some time before our parking meter ran out (yippee for parking downtown!), so we went to the game center on the pier and Anna had her first carousel ride. She was a little uncertain during the ride, but afterward she decided she'd had a pretty good time. They even named some of the horses around them.

It was a pretty fun day, even though we came home exhausted (thanks to a realtor who kept us away from our house for many hours AFTER the fun was over). We love going down to the wharf, and we only make it there once or twice a year. Maybe next time we'll take a fancy cruise or something. Or not. :)

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