Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cute Moments Collection

Here's some of our memorable moments of the last few days. I've interspersed some cute pictures from the last few weeks, many of which were taken by my very talented friend, Stacey.

We got home from Utah on Saturday night around 7:00, so the girls had about an hour to calm down from the trip and get used to being here before it was time to go to bed. We were trying to unpack the cooler and food bags when Anna ran into the kitchen with Maggie (her kitty doll) in the doll stroller. She said, "I'm goin' on a trip!" Daddy asked, "Where are you going?" "To visit grandmas and grandpas!" Then she ran back out with the stroller. You'd have thought 14 hours in the car would have killed the spark, but not for this girl -- she loves those grandparents! She told us that next we should drive to visit Grandma Tammy (the only grandparent we didn't get to see), and she was unperturbed when we told her we would have to drive a very, very, very, very long way (she lives in Maine).

Yesterday, before bed, Anna decided to read her own bedtime book instead of waiting for Daddy. She pulled out the book, opened the first page, looked, then shut the book and said, "I need my glasses!" She jumped up, grabbed her sunglasses off the dresser, then came back, opened the book, put them on, and muttered, "I just can't read without my glasses." So there you go, Grandma Sherri -- imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

We've embarked on the potty training adventure this week, and although I wouldn't say things are going along swimmingly, I thought it was a good sign this afternoon when Anna was putting her dollhouse dolls on their potty and making them "make pee." Even the Mariah doll got to use the potty. If only that were the case in real life. One of the biggest challenges of the last couple of days has been figuring out how to get Anna on the potty while keeping Mariah away from it. We've had more things end up in the potty in the last two months of Mariah's life than we did in Anna's whole life. Love it. Heh.

The weekend before our Utah trip, we went blueberry-picking at a blueberry farm in Bellevue. The price combines with the freshness, the organic-ness, and the experience to make it well worth our time. Mariah didn't have the best time, but the rest of us enjoyed it immensely.

We also attended the Pioneer Day Picnic with our new ward. We made some friends, ate some great Dutch Oven chicken, and had an all-around good time. We even dragged Uncle Jakob along with us, and he was a very good sport. Anna, Adam, and Jakob did the tug-of-war, and Anna and Adam DOMINATED at the three-legged race. Okay, so they actually came in almost last, but it was still adorable. You'd think that carrying your partner would make you faster, wouldn't you?...

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Skylar & Mariann Swank said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip. The girls look so much like Adam. Those Swank genes are strong! It amazes me sometimes when I read what you write to see how much Anna and Audrey are alike and do the samethings. Audrey always pretends to go to school w/her baby. Have you tried giing Anna a reward of some kind when she goes on the potty? We did gummy bears for Audrey. She calls them potty bears. she would get 1 for peepee, 2 for #2. Good luck, once its all done, its sooo nice.