Sunday, January 25, 2009

Friday with Daddy, and Other Stories

We’ve done a few interesting things this week, and my camera didn’t have batteries for any of them, so here are a few shots from Anna’s camera (sorry so fuzzy). 

We had a fun playdate this week with Sahara and Gavin and their mommy.  Anna and Sahara are friends from nursery, and they enjoy playing together.  It’s fun – and frustrating – to see these little ones learning about making friends and what a friend is.  I think we none of us learn everything about being friends, but it’s interesting to look back at the beginning steps and think, “Well, at least I don’t hit.  Usually.”


Also this week was Mariah’s 15-month check-up, and our girl is tall and skinny for her age, so yipee.  She’s also smart and active, just like she should be.  Anna was still so shy at this age, but Mariah mooed, baaed, whinnied, and pointed to her ears for the doctor, so she was in fine form.  She also got one shot, and the silly thing barely even noticed.  By the time she realized what was going on, it was over and there was a pretty bandage on her arm.  Afterward Anna was explaining to her that she was going to get a sucker now, but I told her that only big girls get suckers.  She looked sympathetically at Mariah and said, “Can I have it then?” 

In other news, Anna has worn big girl underwear for six days now.  Last Sunday afternoon I decided I was done waiting for her to tell me she was ready.  She’s been waking up dry for weeks, and she knows HOW to do it, so I decided it was time.  I’ve been so afraid to push her at all that I just haven’t worried about it.  Monday morning she argued with me for about three minutes about the panties, and since then there’s been barely any resistance.  Apparently I could have just done it weeks ago.  But hey, I’m actually glad I waited.  We’ve gone 6 days with hardly any accidents (most of which have been my fault—this involves some parental training, too), and I’m sure a lot of that is because she’s so old.  I’m definitely never going to push a kid into this.  IMG_0011

The most fun we had this week was our “Friday with Daddy.”  Adam’s team has been working so hard that they all got to take a day off last week, so on Friday we spent the day having fun.  We went to Costco and Molbaks (fun for Mommy and Daddy), but we also went to Jump Planet.  It’s one of those inflatable ride places, which we already knew Anna liked, but after she figured out what was going on, Mariah LOVED it.  She loved the big slides and the crawling through big tubes and the jumping around and getting knocked over.  We all had a great time, and for $6 (can you believe it was so cheap?!?!), it can’t be beat. 

The stress of the week was waiting to find out about layoffs, and although we’ve had some friends affected, most people we know still have a job.  I slept much better on the evening after they were announced than on the evening before, but I do believe that even if Adam had lost his job, we’d have been okay.  A friend this week said, in reference to a son she was comforting about her husband possibly losing his job, “I told him not to worry: we pay our tithing; we try to live the commandments; and your dad works hard.  We must have faith that the Lord will take care of us, whatever that means, and STOP WORRYING.”  It’s a bit of wisdom that’s good to remember. 



Sherri said...

1. Did Anna get Mariah's "shot" sucker?
2. I'm regressing...I'm more likely to hit my friends now.
3. Two delightful little girls.
4. If layoffs come, there is always Grandma's house. teeheehee

Hyrum and Stacey Taft said...

Glad to hear all is well with Adam's job. Although, if it brought you back to Utah that would be fine too. ;)
Your girls are growing soo fast. Too cute!