Monday, March 22, 2010

Look who is here


It’s been a while since we updated on here, and even longer since I wrote anything.  It seemed like it was time to write something, but Sarah is currently busy so it’s up to me.

Well, here is the latest addition:

The new kid

No name yet, but we are leaning to Samuel or Caleb.   He was born March 22, 2010 at 2:22 pm.  He weighs 9 lbs, 2.3 oz and is 21.65 inches long.

Sarah went into labor arond 4:45 am, but it didn’t really kick in until around 10 am at which time we went to the hospital.  Sarah was already dilated to a 10, so no epidural for her, but she toughed through it for the four hours it took before junior decided he was coming. 

The firsts for us this time:

Sarah’s water broke on it’s own.

He came out face first.

Sarah laid on her side through delivery instead of her back.

He seems to be doing well.  He has already eaten, and he isn’t crying much, but is sleeping a lot.  Just what I like to see.

One more picture.

Just born

And since no one has seen a picture of Anna or Mariah in ages, here are a few.


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Maren said...

Congratulations! Lily was posterior (face up) as well. So much fun (sarcasm). Natural childbirth is much more fun when the baby comes out facedown like they are supposed to.

Suze said...


I was wondering what happend with you guys. I guess you've had a busy 6 months.

Hyrum and Stacey Taft said...

Congratulations! He is soo cute, and BIG!! lol If you guys need anything, you let us know. I can be on the next flight!

Marylee said...

Congrats to you guys! I had no idea you were expecting #3. Hope you all are well!