Sunday, May 16, 2010

To the Zoo

We’ve had a pretty good last few weeks.  My birthday came and went.  In looking at the weather outside, summer may have come and gone.  Samuel’s first two months of life have almost come to an end.  Life is great.

On my birthday I took the day off from work so that I could spend it with the family.  And what better way is there to spend time with the family than to go to the zoo?  We really like the zoo up here because the animals actually seem to have a lot of area to be.


We see all sorts of stuff at the zoo:

Flamingoes 009

Some kind of monkey? 016

And sticks.  They are probably in the shape of a letter, or something smart like that. 013

I do have to say, that one of the best things Sarah and I ever bought was that wagon Anna and Mariah are sitting in.  It has made so many things more fun to do, especially now that we have 3 kids which means we can’t really carry everyone at once.

Samuel has done a lot of growing in the last month.  He is enjoying spending time with his sisters, who love him very much.  Mariah loves him so much that about half the time she wants us to call her Samuel and carry her around since she can’t walk because she is just a tiny baby.  Mariah actually really does love Samuel.  She is always so helpful in telling us what Samuel is doing, whether or not we are cheering him up, whether or not he likes a particular toy and such.

 005 034  036

Since it is getting warmer, and Anna seems to have gone as far as she could with her little tricycle, we got her a new bike.


Here are a few more pictures, just for fun. 042 039 020

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