Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Fun Evening

I was going to install a new drain in one of our bathroom sinks this evening, but I don't seem to have a wrench big enough to take the old drain off, so instead I'm going to write a bit.

Sarah and Mariah are gone for the evening so I decided that Anna and I would go for a walk.  I asked Anna if she wanted to ride in our big stroller?   (We have a small umbrella stroller and then one of those monster Graco strollers that take up the whole trunk of our car.)  She said she did because that meant we were going to pick Black Berries.  I am always amazed and the things she knows and remembers.  Up here there are black berry bushes everywhere.  When I ride my bike to and from work in the summer it is great because I get to smell the black berries that are growing a long the trail.  Last summer Sarah and I took Anna out for walks in the big stroller.  As we walked we would pick blackberries and give some to her in  a bowl.  The last time we did that had to be in September, so, at least 6 months ago.  She wasn't even two yet, but somehow she remembers.  Smart little kid.


Getting back to our walk, I told Anna that we wouldn't be able to pick any black berries till summer and then I tried to explain that summer was not a place, but a time.  I asked her where she wanted to go on a walk and she kept saying "to Summer."  Very cute. 

Well, I needed to walk over to the tire sales place.  There is a Les Schwab's near our place, so we went that way.  It was closed, so plan B was Dairy Queen.  I jogged with Anna about 1/2 mile down the road to the Dairy Queen.  The Lunar Eclipse was this evening, so we watched that.  I don't think the moon ever totally disappeared here, but it was fun to watch and to explain to Anna.  At one point I thought it disappeared, but it just went behind a cloud.  After that Anna kept saying "it came back."

After we got home I tried to take a picture of the moon.  I couldn't find my tripod though, so the pictures aren't so good.

  This one turned out well.  :)


This one not so much.


After taking the pictures, I read Anna's three new library books to her and put her to bed. All in all it was a fun night with my daughter. Now it's just too bad that I can't put this drain in and that I'll probably have to buy another tool.  Oh well. 

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