Sunday, April 27, 2008

You See That Big Excavator?

That has been Adam's favorite Anna quote this week. "You see that big excavator? You see that big truck? You see that big toy?" It's really cute when Anna says it. Not so much when Adam says it.

In a few hours we'll post a video of Mariah's bath time. We tried to keep her modest for all you with naked-baby-phobia. She kicks through her entire bath. I have to use the shower curtain as a guard to keep the bathroom mostly dry. She doesn't care whether the water gets in her eyes or up her nose--she just wants to kick. Funny kid.

We've had kind of a long week. We've been stressing about the home we want to buy as well as the home we want to sell--all the decisions sort of took a toll on us. I've been trying to keep the house clean (and we did have two showings this weekend, so that's progress), so that's been hard on me and on the girls. We've also had a hard time running errands because Mariah's nap schedule has been mixed up. Mariah's been really fussy anyway, and we think we finally figured out that it's because we switched her formula. Being inexperienced in the use of formula, we didn't know that one brand vs. another could really make that big of a difference. Adam has had a lot to do at work and been facing some confusing issues with the programs he's writing, so he's been under pressure, too, and spending a lot of time working after hours. The stress of the week peaked on Thursday night for me (church meeting I forgot to dress up for... emotional breakdown in the car... 'nuff said), so the weekend has gotten better. But in the midst of it all, there were a few highlights.

1) Anna made her first visit to the playland at the grocery store. She loved it! Not that she's ever been hard to deal with at the store, but I think she'd definitely much rather play than ride around in a cart with me. Plus, it tells me that she's growing up a bit, which is encouraging.

2) Yesterday, Adam and Anna biked over to the mall, and Mariah and I met them there. Anna loved the ride in the trailer, and once there, she loved the indoor playground. Adam showed her how to climb up and slide down, and she was thrilled. I've never let her go in because I can't help her AND hold Mariah, so it was perfect to introduce her to it while Daddy was around. Besides, Daddy is a lot more... ahem... DARING than Mommy is, and it's good for her to learn not to be scared of things. Even if it gives me a heart attack.

3) Mariah is within days (possibly minutes) of crawling. She's up on all fours constantly, she rolls around like a champ, and she can sit when she wants to. Just yesterday she started a new thing: if a toy is just out of reach in front of her, she gets up on hands and knees, pulls back, then pushes forward like a slingshot, letting her arms go out in front of her, to try and grab it. Her belly flops on the ground, and she always looks a little pained, but it was worth it if she got where she was going.

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Claire said...

Very cute video! My Ethan does the same thing, but it's more annoying now because he does it just because he likes to do things that I tell him not to... it is still cute though, and what's a little water on the floor anyway?