Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Crawling/Jumping Practice

Here's a video of the girls goofing around last week. By the way, there's a mention of getting an offer on our house, which we did, but things fell through. Therefore, we are STILL on the market. *sigh* We've decided to give it about another month and then we're done. I'm tired of spending my whole life keeping my house clean just so strangers can walk through it for 10 minutes and decide not to buy it. Okay, so I'm making it sound worse than it is, but still. Enough is enough.

In other news, this week Mariah learned to sit up, but she still can't make those front arms move to get her crawling. We're just holding our breath (half excitement, half dread). Anna is in love with jumping now that she can finally do it. Mariah's favorite foods are officially banana, cheerios, peas, and sweet potato. Anna's favorite foods are candy, chocolate pudding, milkshakes, pizza, hot dogs, and smoothies. It's amazing how much can change in two years, isn't it? And not necessarily for the better.

One exciting development this week is that Adam found out that he is much closer to finishing his project at work than he thought he was. That means far fewer nights of working at home past midnight. It's a good thing he got a Nintendo DS for his birthday--now he actually has time to play it. He also learned how to make some great whole wheat breadsticks on Sunday: add too much flour. I'm gonna try it next time--breadsticks I've made according to recipe have never turned out as well as his "mistakes" did. He seems to have the baker's touch. I told him that he should be the at-home parent and I'll go get a job. He was a little too okay with that.

Have a great week.

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